General information

Contact information

Head of organizing committee:

Mr. Balázs Németh

Postal address: Hungary, 1044 Budapest, Kalvin Janos u. 35.

Cell phone: +36-20-4696530



Organizers of the event

Hungarian Muzzleloaders Association

Postal address: Hungary, 1044 Budapest, Kalvin Janos u. 35.

Bank information

Account holder: Hungarian Muzzleloaders Association

Address: Hungary, Hungary, 1044 Budapest, Kalvin Janos u. 35.

Bank: OTP Bank, Budapest

IBAN: HU HU 87 11704007 20199236 00000000


The shooting range

The range of the 18th European Championships is located at Sarlóspuszta. Sarlóspuszta is approximately 65 km far from Budapest in the southern part of Hungary. It can be reached easily and comfortably by car on motorway M5.

Sarlóspuszta provides 30 pcs 25 m, 30 pcs 50m, 20 pcs 100 m shooting stands and 4 clay shooting ranges.

Targets, scoring

We will be using traditional paper targets placed according to the current rules of MLAIC. Scoring will be done with the same system used on many of our competitions with the software provided by Mr. Alois Litschmann.

About Hungary

Hungary is situated in Central Europe with a land area of 93,028 square km. It measures about 250 km from north to south and 524 km from east to west. Hungary’s population was 9,937,628 in 2011. More than one quarter of the population lives in the Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

Hungary is member of the European Union. The currency of Hungary is called “forint” (sign: Ft; code: HUF), the average exchange rate is: 1 EUR=320-325 HUF.

Hungary has a continental climate, with hot summers with low overall humidity levels but frequent rain-showers and mildly cold snowy winters. The average temperature by day is 25-30°C in August.


Accomodation, car rental & other services

We know how much time takes to organize your personal trip or even the trip of the whole national team. Welltravel Travel Agency, being the official partner of our event offers a wide range of accomodation opportunities, helps you with car rental and dining.


Gun laws in Hungary

Laws covering the keeping, purchase and using of muzzleloading firearms:

  • Act XXIV of 2004 and the
  • Government Decree 253/2004

Black powder muzzle loading guns: It is legal to purchase, keep, import and export a black powder gun for an individual over 18 years without a permit (regardless if it is single or multi shot, repro or original, rifled, or smooth bore, matchlock, flintlock, wheel-lock or percussion lock), but a permit (reloading or black powder shooting permit) shall be obtained to buy black powder and primers.

Administration related to the 18th MLAIC European Championships: Although black powder guns are free in Hungary, all the guns imported for the competition shall be declared by the shooters to help the administration on the borders if necessary. The organizers shall notify the customs offices prior the event. We are establishing a gun storage at the range. If a weapon leaves the shooting stands it must be kept in a case, unloaded of course.

Back powder and caps: Black powder and caps are licensed in Hungary, therefore the quantities ordered for the competition must be kept at the range.


All the shooters participating on the 18th MLAIC European Championships will covered by the general insurance of the shooting Club at Sarlóspuszta. We are also offering an individual, optional insurance for all our participants, which covers not only the shooting activities during the championships, but also covers all possible incidents outside the range, just like a normal travel insurance. Information about the optional version will be published later.

Latest news

We will provide you with all the necessary information continuously, so please visit regularly our site for the latest news about the competition!