Weekly calendar

Dear Shooters, Delegates, Team Captains,

Please find the official preliminary program of the 18th MLAIC European Championships under this link. Updated: 08.08.2019. 07:29:

Program Final 201908080727


– we have added the schedule of the Königsschießen events to the weekly shooting program

– we have added the firearms inspection schedules. Please check your nation’s time frame

– we added a breakdown of the shooting program by disciplines on an individual worksheet

Please note that the program is not final. Updates will follow soon. Stay tuned!

Start lists updated: 27.07.2019. 06:00. Please check your data!




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Dear Shooters, Delegates, Team Captain,

You will find many useful information about the program of the 18th World Championships in the attached document: Program v6 2019-01-…. 20:51
Please send your comments to: hungarian.mla@gmail.com

Best regards,

Balázs Németh


Deadlines of the registration process:

1st April 2019 – Final date for preliminary registration forms


15th May 2019 – Powder and cap requirements


1st July 2019 – Final date for final registration forms and firearms declarations, calculation form


15th July 2019 – Final date for payment of registration and other fees


Days of the competition:

Saturday: arrival, practice (optional free practice day, not covered by schedules)

Sunday: arrival, practice, meetings, firearms inspection

Monday: practice, meetings, firearms inspection

Tuesday: practice, competitions,  opening ceremony

Wednesday: competitions , award ceremonies

Thursday: competitions, award ceremonies

Friday: competitions , award ceremonies

Saturday: extra competitions, closing banquet & award ceremonies

Sunday: departure