2016 27th World Championship,Hungary. 13-21 August Click here for the direct link to the subpage.

2017 16th European Zone Championship, Granada, Spain 

2017 11th Long Range, Australia 

2018 28th World Championship, Austria, 18-26 August 2018

Presentation: WM_Vorderlader_2018_Eisenstadt

2019 2nd MLAIC GP of Italy

2019 17th European Championships, Sarlóspuszta, Hungary, 10th August 2019 – 17th August 2019

Presentation: EC 2019 Sarlóspuszta

2019 12th MLAIC Long Range World Championships, Bisley, UK, Sunday 25th August 2019 – Saturday 31st August 2019

2019 1st MLAIC Grand Prix Benelux, Luxembourg, 3rd Oct 2019 – 6th Oct 2019

2020 18th European Championship, Italy

2021 1st Festival of Muzzle Loading Shooting and Combined World Championships (Germany short range, Hungary, Long range

2022 World Championships, Argentina