2nd MLAIC Grand Prix of Italy

CNDA is proud to organize

Date: From Friday 5 th April to Sunday 7 th April 2019

Locations: Target Events – Shooting Range Valeggio sul Mincio – Verona
GPS coordinates: 45° 18,009 N 10°44,242 E (http://www.tirosportivovaleggio.com/)

Clay Events – Shotgun Range Tiro a Volo Ghedi – Ghedi – Brescia
GPS coordinates: 45°24’30.7″N 10°18’37.6″E (http://www.tiroavologhedi.com/)

Target Events: 25 m
Kuchenreuter R (team event “Forsyth”)
Kuchenreuter O (team event “Boutet”)
Mariette (team event “Peterlongo”)
Colt (team event “Adams”)
Cominazzo O/R (mixed single and team event “Wogdon”)
Tanzutsu O/R (mixed single and team event (Kumitomo”)

50 m
Donald Malson R (team event “El Alamo”O/R mixed)
Donald Malson O (team event “El Alamo”O/R mixed)
Remington O (mixed event Colt + Donald Malson O)
Remington R (mixed event Mariette + Donald Malson R
Vetterli O (team event “Pforzheim”)
Vetterli R (team event “Pforzheim”)
Miquelet O/R (mixed single and team event “Halikko”)
Lamarmora O/R (mixed single and team event “Enfield”)
Pennsylvania O/R (mixed single and team event “Kossut”)
Tanegashima O/R (mixed single and team event “Nagashimo”)

Hizadai O/R (mixed single and team event “Hinowa”)

100 m
Miniè O/R (mixed single and team event “Magenta”)
Whitworth O/R (mixed single and team event “Rigby”)
Maximilian O/R (mixed single and team event “Lucca”)
Clay events: Manton O/R (mixed single and team event “Hawker”)
Lorenzoni O/R (mixed single and team event “Batesville”)
Regulation: MLAIC rules applied

Paterson Individual 25 meters standing
Revolver open top and contemporary sights
MLAIC C50 metres pistol target
Round ball or picket bullet

Trapper Individual 25 meters standing
Percussion rifle or flintlock or musket
Original pattern sights. Iron sights. No aperture sight allowed
MLAIC C50 metres pistol target
Round ball
Cleaning and funnel permitted, no modern shooting jackets allowed

Gettysbourg Individual 100 meters standing
Military percussion rifle
“Gettysbourg” target
Paper cartridge
Cleaning and funnel not permitted

TATANKA Individual 100 meters standing
Every type muzzleloader rifle – five shot
Iron target (see photo)

FESTSCHEIBEN Individual 25 meters (pistol) – 50 meters (rifle)
Standing position – one shot – Round, wooden decorated target

Registration amount: € 15,00 – per individual Target event
€ 35,00 – per individual Clay event
€ 15,00 – per Team event
€ 7,00 – per individual event
€ 3,00 – per individual event

Please transfer the registration amount to the account of CNDA
BCC Ravennate Forlivese e Imolese
IBAN IT29 X085 4223 8000 2000 0124 421
purpose of the payement “GP of Italy 2019”

Registration: By e-mail to ufficiosportivo@cnda.it within 17 March 2018
Award ceremony: Single 1 – 3 Medail and Rich awards in typical italian products
1 – 6 Diploma
Teams: 1 – 3 Diploma
Several firearms and accessories, offered by Davide Pedersoli, will be
extracted by random between all the shooters who have attended the event

This invitation is available on the web site www.cnda.it

Looking forward to see you in Italy



It has been a very well partecipated Event  by about 130 Shooters coming from 13 different Nations

(ITA-SVK-LUX-CZ-GER-AUT-SUI-BEL-CRO-POL-FRA-HUN-SLO) for about 480 performances

and about 34 Teams Event entered.

Thanks to all Sponsors, we had wonderful Awards for the Ceremony that took place Sunday about 3 p.m.

By random had been given 3 beautiful Muzzle Loading firearms by Pedersoli among all participants.

Nice weather, nice people, top scores…. Thanks to all the ones that could had come to share the emotions

of  this long weekend…

Pictures of the event: