Forms and Deadlines

19.5.2024 Registration, powder, caps, … fees
Form E-1: Final Entry Form – update
Form F-2: Final Entry Forms – Powder ans Caps – update

8.5.2024 Documents for EU no member, in order to move the guns in Italy.
Circolazione armi
Allegato A invito
Invito-ufficiale importazione


Official Invitation
Delegates Informacion
Summary of Deadlines

Form A-1 : Final Entry Form-Media Accreditation (1st August 2024)
Form A-2 : Individual Firearms Declaration Form (20th June 2024)
Form E-1 : Final Entry Form (20th June 2024, Payment 1st July 2024)
Form E-2 : Preliminary Entry Form – Individual Events (22nd April 2024)
Form E-3 : Final Entry Form – Individual Competitions (27th June 2024)
Form E-4 : Preliminary Entry Form – Individual & team Competitions (22nd April 2024)
Form E-4.1 : Final Entry Form – Team Competitions (15th August 2024)
Form F-1 : Final Entry Form – Inspection and Arbitration (20th June 2024)
Form-F2 : Final Entry Form  – Powder, Caps and Lead Shot (20th June 2024, Payment 1st July 2024)
Form F-3 : Data Management Authorization (Included in E3 form)