2nd MLAIC Grand Prix of Hungary, Sarlóspuszta,

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2nd MLAIC Hungarian Grand Prix

Friendship Match



Dear Delegates, Team Captains,


We are happy to inform you that the Hungarian Muzzleloaders Association will be holding its first ever international MLAIC Friendship Match from 28 June – 1 July 2018 at Sarlóspuszta, Hungary.


The competition will take place at the same range where the 18th MLAIC European Championships will be held next year, so it will offer an excellent possibility to test the facility.



Please fill the following table: Registration HUNGP

End of registrations: 15th June 2018

Please follow this link to access the online registration system. If your team chooses to register all  shooters in a single document, please use this form and email it to hungarian.mla@gmail.com.


For registering teams for team events, please use this form and email it to hungarian.mla@gmail.com.


Registration fee for single target events: 15 Euro

Registration fee for clay target events: 25 Euro


Please transfer the registration fees to the bank account of our association till 15th June 2018:


Account holder: Magyar Elöltöltő Fegyveres Lövészek Szövetsége

Address: 1044 Budapest, Kálvin János u. 35.


Bank account data:

IBAN: HU87117040072019923600000000


Bank:  OTP Bank

Bank address: 1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 16.


Contact info:


Tel: 0036204696530

E-mail: hungarian.mla@gmail.com





Accommodation will be organized by the participants.




25 m

MLAIC disciplines: Kuchenreuter O, Kuchenreuter R, Cominazzo, Mariette, Colt, Tanzutsu

Non MLAIC disciplines: Paterson (open top percussion revolvers, Mariette rules)

Team events: Forsyth, Boutet, Peterlongo, Adams, Wogdon, Kunimoto


50 m

MLAIC disciplines: Vetterli O, Vetterli R, Pennsylvania, Lamarmora O, Lamarmora R, Miquelet O, Miquelet R, Tanegashima, Hizadai, Donald Malson

Non MLAIC disciplines: Berdan (percussion breech loader rifles, Vetterli rules), Trapper (patch roundball, open sight percussion or flintlock rifle, no shooting jackets, boots, aperture shooting glasses allowed)

Team events: El Alamo, Pforzheim, Kossuth, Halikko, Enfield, Nagashino, Hinowa)


100 m

Minié, Whitworth, Maximilian

Team events: Magenta, Lucca, Rigby


Clay target events:

Individual: Lorenzoni, Manton

Team: Hawker, Bateswille


Award ceremonies:


Individual events:

1-3 places: medal

1-6 places: diploma

Team events:

1-3 places diploma


Range locations:


The range of the 1st MLAIC Hungarian Grand Prix is located at Sarlóspuszta. Sarlóspuszta is approximately 65 km far rom Budapest in the southern part of Hungary. It can be reached easily and comfortably by car on motorway M5.


Address: Shooting range and Club Hotel

2375 Tatárszentgyörgy, Sarlóspuszta


GPS coordinates:

– N 47.04388° E 19.34385°

– N 47° 2’ 37’ E 19° 20’ 37’’

– N 47° 02.622’ E19° 20.629’


Shooters buffet – a traditional goulash party:


On 30th June, Saturday we are organizing a traditional Hungarian goulash party for the participants of the competition inside the Sarlóspuszta Holiday Resort. The menu will be simple: traditional Hungarian goulash soup, made as our ancestors made it for many centuries, with some good Hungarian wine. This litte party is intended to be an informal evening program, just to have good talk about blackpowder guns, life, and everything friendship needs. The price is 15 Euro, and drinks are included also. If you intend to participate, please mark it during the registration process.


We are looking forward to your participation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Best regards,


Balázs Németh


Hungarian Muzzleloaders Association