Letter to Ms. Vicky Ford about the new EU directive

Dear all,


Just recently, we have received knowledge about the contents of the proposal for the new EU directive concerning firearms. In this proposal, the EU wants to introduce the obligation for the registration of reproduction muzzle loading fire arms (not originals).

This “new law” would represent a great impairment not only for shooters but also for collectors, re-enactors etc.

I don’t know, whether we are still in position to stop this initiative, however, we should do our utmost to do so.

From other delegates, I have been asked to circulate the letter sent to Mrs. Vicky Ford (chair of committee). You might wish to send it to your national (at least European) members of the EU and members of this Committee.

For any further queries do not hesitate to contact me.

Letter dated. 06.03.17 to Mrs. Vicky Ford Chair of Committee EU


All the best,


Gerhard Lang

secretary general