Closing thoughts of the 18th MLAIC European Championships

Camaraderie, friendship, fun, adventure, elegance. These are the words that first come into my mind when I look back to the beautiful seven days spent at Sarlóspuszta, Hungary. It had been a great challenge to prepare for this Championship. It was not an easy task to host an even more successful event after the World Championships of 2016. But nothing is impossible when we are working for such an excellent group of athletes as the black powder shooters of Europe. And nothing is impossible when we have an organizing team of such capable, responsible and well-prepared women and man that we have here at the joint team of Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters’ and Hunters’ Association and Hungarian Shooting Federation.

The work started nearly one year ago, and I have to say that it did worth it. There was not a single occasion of happenings that effected the professional flow of the event, thanks to the fast and appropriate decisions of the team members.

Let me share you one moment that still give me the shivers. I was driving out to the range on the very morning of the first competition day. All the area was still quiet and the morning fog was still covering the ground. As I was driving down the dirt road to the target ranges a strange feeling struck me like lightning. I had to stop the car to understand that strong emotion. It was a very simple but strong vibe: I was happy. I was simply and truly happy that you and our team members are all here, and we can spend this whole week together burning black powder.

We will never forget all the special moments we shared during the shootings, ceremonies, all the singing and talking at the campfire… these are the little bits that add up to one complete beautiful memory.

10 nations, 269 shooters, 1308 starts, 3 new European records, 8 equalized European records, and a million smiles, and sometimes tears of joy. Nothing more we could wish for. Thank you all for visiting our little country in the heart of Europe. We hope with our heart that you had a great time, and we really hope that you will once return.


I would like to express my greatest gratitude to the organizing team:

The members of the organizing committee

Hajdú Ferenc, operative tasks

Törőcsik Pál, operative tasks, HR, chief range officer

Németh-Tavasz Brigitta, marketing, events

Alois Litschmann, scoring

Nagy György, scoring, HR

Pólik Sándor, finance

Mészáros Gyula, HR, purchasing

and Németh Balázs, head of the organizing committee

Competition office:

Hack Anikó

Informatika, events:

ifj. Nagy György (and scoring)

Tóth Mihály (and range officer, gun storage)

Range officers:

Nagy Mátyás

Hencz Kornél (and gun storage)

Jákó Csaba (and gun storage)

Jákó Miriam

Berberovics István

Meszesi Lajos

Szabó Ferenc

Szakonyi Gerda (and gun storage)

Range officers of the shotgun ranges:

Horváth Bence

Csíktusnádi-Kis Kálmán

Szekeres Tibor

Szarka Szilveszter

Mezey Ágnes

Obornyik Ferenc

Renate Lotspeich

Martin Seder

Frank Waidner

Rosi Gegner


Gerti Stenkleible

Nickl László

Góra Balázs

Palotai Ilona

Czanik László

Ódor Zsuzsanna

Varga András

Photo, video:

Uram János

Hajdrák Tímea

I would like to especially thank the support of our sponsors: Davide Pedersoli & C., Swiss Blackpowder, Essing Sprengtechnic and the One with Nature 2021 World Expo.

Congratulations to all participants and organizers. You all have my greatest respect. See you all in Parma, Italy in 2020.


Best regards,


Balázs Németh


Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters and Hunters Association


The official Facebook page of the event with thousands of pics and video:

Video footage of the first day and the opening ceremony:

Video footage of the second day:

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Video footage of the fourth day:

Video footage of the fifth day:


Final results:

Results, photos, videos