Agenda of the Delegates Meeting of 2018

Dear All,


Please find enclosed the agenda as well as the related appendices for the MLAIC Delegates Meeting 2018 during the MLAIC World Championships in Eisenstadt/Austria.

If you had further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Please make also sure that all the trophies will be returned to Mrs. Gerda Lejeune latest on Monday, August 20th 2018.

The exact time schedule will be prepared and published by the Austrian Shooting Federation. It will be uploaded to our website in due course.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in good health soon, I remain,

with best regards,




Agenda – Delegates meeting 2018 – Eisenstadt-Austria

Appendix A – Del. meeting 2018 – period

Appendix B – Del. meeting 2018 – data prot.

Appendix C – Del. meeting 2018 – changes to MLAIC – Rules 2018 proposed by Ramón Selles

Appendix D – Del. meeting 2018 – CNDA Proposals

Appendix E – Del. meeting 2018 – changes to MLAIC-Rules proposed by shotgun committee v2

Appendix F – Del. meeting 2018 – amendments to the rules proposed by France

Appendix G – Del. meeting 2018 – proposals long range

Appendix H – Del. meeting 2018 – revolver events

Appendix I – Del. meeting 2018 – New Navy

Appendix J – Del. meeting 2018 – Trigger system History no. 1

Appendix K – Del. meeting 2018 – Rear sight M 1857

Appendix L – Del. meeting 2018 – Hadley dioptre disc

Appendix M – Del. meeting – Notes_on_rules from Slovakia

Appendix N – Del. meeting 2018 proposed Amendments (Chapter 2) MLAIC Constitution and Rules – South Africa 2018

Appendix O – Del. meeting 2018 – Proposals on new events from Hungary



Gerhard Lang

(Secretary General)