Enclosed please find the official invitation from the German Shooting and Archery Federation (DSB) as well as a preliminary time schedule for this year’s world championship in Pforzheim.

At the same time, you will find the forms and the deadline sheet.

The hotel and camping ground list will be published within the next 8 to 10 days.

There is another additional information concerning the caps and the lead shot.
“Due to an unforeseen shortage of caps and shot, we would like to ask the European shooters, who will travel by car and/or by bus, to bring their caps and their lead shot along with them. There is no problem in Germany with the caps as they are free. Powder cannot be taken as there are strict rules/laws in Germany. However, there will be sufficient powder available.”

In the provisional time schedule, it is mentioned (in brackets) that the closing ceremony is still to be confirmed. The reason for that is that the originally planned Congress Centre will not be available. The responsible people of the DSB are still looking for a room which will be big enough for a closing ceremony (possibly even under Covid hygiene conditions!?!?).
We shall keep you informed.

WC 2022 – Documents and forms

Einladung / invitation
Preliminary schedule
Form A1(Final entry form)31.7.2022
Form A2(Individual firearms declaration)15.6.2022
Form E1(Fees)15.6.2022
Form E2(Preliminary entry form - Individual events)30.4.2022
Form E3(Final entry form - Individual competitions)15.6.2022
Form E4(Preliminary entry form - Individual & Team competitions)30.4.2022
Form E4.1(Final entry form - Team competitions)15.7.2022
Form F1(Final entry form - Inspection and Arbitration)15.6.2022
Form F2(Final entry form - powder and caps)15.6.2022
Form F3(Data Management Authorization Form)31.7.2022

Firearms declaration forms

These forms are request as such by our official bodies an meant for any shooter coming outside of Germany, having no European Firearms Passport and not being part of the Schengen Contract.

These forms must be completed, sent to the DSB and we shall pass them on to the official bodies in order to get the official permits (which we then pass on to the delegates/shooters).