13th MLAIC Long Range World Championships

Dear Delegates, Team Captains, dear Long Range Shooters of the World,

On behalf of Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters and Hunters Association and the Muzzleloaders Associations International Confederation, it is our pleasure to extend the invitation to the 13th MLAIC Long Range World Championships from 27th August – 2nd September 2023, Várpalota-Veszprém, Hungary.

The event will take place close to the Lake Balaton, on a military range. This location not only serves the competition well, but also offers an excellent possibility for shooters and family members to immerse in the beauty and history of our little central European country.


* detailed information in the Information booklet

Registration information and dates

Questions regarding registrations: registration@meflsz.hu


We accept only digital registrations using the following link:


Individual registration form to be filled by the shooters, return till 1st May 2023:


National registration form to be filled by the team captain, return till 28th Febrruary 2023:


Please note that all individual registrations shall be approved by the national organization of the shooter. In case of BPCR registration, these criteria are not applied.


28st Feb 2023 –                  Return of powder and caps order form. Please note that we must have a proper indication of the qty of powder and caps till this date. If we do not receive information till this day, we will not be able to provide caps and powder to the team.

28th Feb 2023 –                 Return of national registration forms

1st May 2023 –                   Return of individual registration forms

15th May 2023 –                Final deadline for transferring registration fees and cost of powder and caps

31st May 2023 –                 Last date of possible full refund

1st – 30th June 2023 –      Last period for 50% refund

30th June 2023 –                After this date refund is not possible

31th July 2023 –                 Last date for possible amendments of the registration



We organize the full MLAIC World Championships long range program for individual O and R shooters, and national teams shot separately. As a side match we also organize black powder cartridge match with the same rules, same distances. Please note that it is not possible to shoot both muzzle loading and breech loading classes simultaneously. BPCR shooters are to follow these rules:

–          All single shot pre 1896 rifles are allowed unless the cartridge is loaded with black powder

–          Any positions are allowed, the rifle can be supported at one point (cross sticks or sandbag)

–          When arriving from an EU country you must have a European Firearms Passport for your rifle

–          When arriving with a breech loading rifle from outside the EU, you must apply for an import license from Hungary. In this case, please contact us: registration@meflsz.hu

–          For BPCR class only traditional diopter sights are allowed, optical sights not

–          In all other questions, MLAIC LR rules apply