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Small Arms Committee reports

Approved MLAIC Small Arms Committee reports listed in alphabetical order.

Please send your questions about firearms and accessories directly to the Small Arms Committee:

This page will be dedicated to the approved list of reproduction firearms accepted for MLAIC shooting events.


The most important information from the letter:

  • A constantly updated document of approved and non approved firearms will be created in the future to help the shooters and replica  manufacturers with clear information.
  • The first version of this list will be presented to the delegates before the official delegates’ meeting in 2018.
  • Regardless of this list, all repros in question will have amnesty until 31 December 2020 as agreed at the delegates meeting in 2014 Granada.
  • The Commission and the delegates will be working on the wording of the rules regarding replicas’ as it is not as concise as it could be. Therefore, the Commission will be proposing recommendations for a rewording of section 4.7.E of our rules. This proposal will be placed on the agenda for Hungary.
  • The system of firearms inspection will stay the part of the firearms approval at the international championship.

To summarize the situation: this work will be in progress until 2020, but till that date the repros in question have amnesty unless they do not violate the rules. And the most important part: if you have an opinion, suggestion, please help the work of the SG, Commission, Delegates with submitting your ideas to your Delegate.

If you have any questions regarding a specific firearm, please do not hesitate to contact the Commission.