DSC_0891Dear Delegates

Attached I send you the invitation of the Austrian Shooting Sport Federation to the muzzle-loading world championship in Austria (Eisenstadt). Attached are also the application forms except form F2 (costs for black powder, primers ….). This will be submitted as soon as possible. On the website of the “Burgenländischer Sportschützen – Landesverband” (www.bsslv.at) you will find the latest news about the World Championships.

Official Invitation to the 28th MLAIC World Championships

Presentation about the details of the World Championships

Dealines to follow:

Form Deadline

Registration forms:
Form A1 Form A2 Form E1 Form E2 Form E3 Form E4 Form E4_1 Form F1

Best regards
Robert Szuppin
Delegate Austria