What is muzzleloading shooting

2016ob097The renaissance of black powder shooting started in the middle of the last century. Melding history with shooting sports it evolved into a unique mix of cultural and sports activities spreading all over the world.

Blackpowder shooting is a target sport for historical muzzleloading firearms loaded with traditional blackpowder. MLAIC offers precision shooting and clay target competitions for matchlock, flintlock and percussion pistols, revolvers, muskets, rifles and shotguns. Pistol and revolver matches are commenced at 25 and 50 m, rifle matches are shot at distances from 50 m to 1200 yards. The firearms are divided between the classes by age and by technical specifications. MLAIC currently offers 40 individual and more than 20 team disciplines in original and reproduction categories.

The international organization of blackpowder target shooting was founded in 1971. The objectives of the Muzzle Loaders Associations International Committee (MLAIC) are:

a) To promote an interest in historical muzzle loading firearms by competing with them in their unaltered state and to encourage research into the history of such arms and their use.
b) To administer, promote, foster, encourage and arrange facilities for the sport.
c) To arrange competitions and matches.
d) To arrange for, grant and contribute towards the provision of trophies, records, awards and distinctions.
e) The procurement and provision of amenities and other conveniences considered necessary for fulfilling the objectives of the MLAIC.
f) The making and enforcement of rules and regulations to implement and to prescribe procedures to achieve the objectives of the MLAIC.

The organization has 28 members and 5 corresponding nations. The MLAIC organizes the World Championships of muzzleloading biennially on even-numbered years and Zone Championships (European Zone and Pacific Zone) on odd-numbered years.