Shooting the Berdan discipline


So you have never heard about the Berdan discipline? Well I am not surprised, as this is not an official MLAIC event, but one that we have been shooting for many years in Hungary as a side match. This event is a direct connection to our Hungarian ancestors fighting in the American Civil War.

The firearms used are black powder guns of course; not muzzle loaders but percussion breech loaders like the Sharps rifles, Gallagher carbines, Norwegian kammerladers, Lindner breech loading conversions, or Smith carbines.

The basic rules are the same as we use for Vetterli: 13 shots in 30 minutes, 50 m distance, ISSF 50 m target, standing position with modern accessories allowed. Wiping the bore between shots is also allowed. The shooter can use pre-rolled paper cartridges, metallic cases or even loose powder to load the rifle (loaded from separate plastic tubes of course, not from flask). There are no sight limitations: any contemporary sight (1850-1890 era) can be used on the rifles.

The winning scores are usually above 95, and the Hungarian national record is held by Imre Nagy with the score of 96.

As a special event, you will be able participate in this discipline on the last day of the 27th MLAIC World Championships in Hungary this year. Why not give it a try?

Berdan – Individual
A) Firearm: Percussion breech loading rifle
B) Sights: Original pattern sights, aperture sights are allowed
C) Target: MLAIC C50 meters pistol target
D) Position: Standing
E) Distance: 50 metres
F) Bullet: Original style bullets
G) Cleaning: Permitted
H) Funnel: Permitted

I) Clothing: no restrictions