Pictures and final results of the 1st Hungarian GP


Dear Shooters,

What a beautiful weekend! We are so grateful for all the shooters who visited the first ever real international black powder shooting match in Hungary. 84 shooters gathered from 6 countries to fire the first shots on the future ranges of the 2016 MLAIC World Championships at Sarlóspuszta. We gathered a lot of experiences – all will help to organize a quality World Championships in August this year.

We would like to congratulate all participants, and especially the winners of the disciplines. Some very good results were achieved showing that the range is suitable for international competitions.

I would like to also thank the work of my Hungarian colleagues who worked for the event during this weekend, and I would like to express my special thanks to Mr. Ferenc Hajdú, who is the person in charge regarding the range facilities He invested a lot of passion, time and work to serve the blackpowder shooters of the World. I would also like to thank the great help we received from Mr. Alois Litschmann, who worked close with the Hungarian scoring team using his excellent software to evaluate and publish the results of the GP.7







The competition also gave place to the AlpesHUngarianGP2016_049-Donau-Adria Cup, organized by the muzzle loading clay target shooters of Central Europe. The solid gold cup was won this year by the German Team.

See you in August!

Best regards,

Balázs Németh