Hotel reservation in Pforzheim

From the responsible person in DSB, Mrs. Julia Matheis, I have received the following information:

Officially, the time frame for the provisional hotel reservations, the German Shooting Federation made in Pforzheim, has already elapsed.

We are not sure, if all the participating nations have seen the officially published “Accomodation information” (see above).

There are 19 nations which have sent their entry forms (four more have announced to do so). From these 23 nations, only six nations have booked hotel rooms. That sounds a little bit strange – doesn’t it?

Therefore, if one or the other nation or shooters still need(s) hotel rooms for the world championships, there is one last chance to book at special rates until tomorrow morning (12.00 o’clock at the latest).

Bookings which will come in after tomorrow morning will be at normal room rates, which are, of course, more expensive.

Unfortunately, the DSB cannot hold the provisional bookings open any longer, as otherwise; i.e. in case of a later cancellation there will be costs which have to be paid.

Please check with your federation/shooters if rooms need to be booked and, if so, please do not hesitate.


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